Dominic Farrier is convicted of murdering his best friend, James Kershaw. He awaits transportation to prison and calls for his Barrister, who instead sends his Junior, as the case is already lost. The Junior Barrister’s (JB) interest is piqued when Dominic reveals that he has not been wholly truthful about the murder. Dominic recounts his souring relationship with James and the events leading to the crime. It is soon evident to the JB that the truth will save Dominic from his fate, and he is confident that he can get his client “off the hook”, but how will Dominic react?
Conviction Without Remorse is a Short Film directed by Alastair Railton and co-written by 
Alastair Railton  & Mark Wisdom.

This film is a tense crime drama filled with incredible visuals from DoP Adam Sandy and also stellar performances by Christian Dapp, Rita Sigmond, Simon Crudgington, & Mark Wisdom.

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