Finding a passion for writing and taking an interest in directing from a young age, Railton has been focused on bringing his ideas to life on the big screen. Focusing on a combination of modern day social issues and then applying these into a dystopian world is a personal favourite of his. 
Having written both short stories, longer stories and various screenplays, as well as being the director on numerous award-winning films including psychological thriller 'Between the Divide' (4 Award wins, 2 Nominations), political thriller 'Voice of Belief' (6 Award wins, 9 Nominations), dramas including 'The Prison', 'Unknown Caller' and 'Through Emerald Eyes' and the more recent 1970s short 'Conviction Without Remorse', Railton is hoping to solidify his position as a prominent director. 
Railton is also the owner of Fresh AIR Films and Media which prides itself in supporting aspiring creative minds into the industry by allowing them to take their first steps. He believes that truly successful filmmaking is about reaching out to the audience on a strong emotional level.

Producer Mark Wisdom

An exemplar of the modern-day 'triple-threat', Mark is an adventurous actor, writer, and producer with a personal belief that all three disciplines can combine to make projects truly worth fighting for.
Mark approaches production with a comprehensive & diligent mindset, understanding the big picture to emphasise the importance of small details. This skill set has developed through his time on set as an actor but also during his education in advertising & marketing. Specifically, his marketing internship at the leading machine tools company, Yamazaki Mazak, crafted a passion for project management, an essential part of any filmmaking process. 
Acting will forever be Mark's chosen career path, but his 'Conviction Without Remorse' experience has given Mark reason to focus on developing his own work, to create roles designed specifically for him and his collaborators. Therefore, his next major project is to launch his own production company, Summer's Edge Productions.
After numerous years working in the commercial film and music content world, Adam Sandy came to work on his first short film as DoP in 2018's 'God’s Broken Things'. Since then he has worked on other films such as 'Cradle', 'Unknown Caller' and 'Sérendipité de Deux', with each picking up numerous awards and screenings on the festival circuit. 'Conviction Without Remorse' demonstrates a culmination of experiences which form the basis of a heavily stylised film. Going forward, Adam plans to use this experience to expand his portfolio as a narrative and music cinematographer.

Director of Photography Adam Sandy

Production Assistant Kayleigh Pickup

A graduate in Media and Film & Television who excels in a creative setting. CWR was Kayleigh's first experience working on a professional filmset. She primarily adopted the role of production assistant and on-set photographer, allowing for the opportunity to familiarise herself with the equipment and fully understand what it’s like to be on set of a short film! She aspires to work in post-production, as editing is where her passion for film and television started.
Since studying film production at university, Regan has been working to gain more experience to add to her portfolio. She has recorded sound for several different types of projects including short films, comedy sketches, event recording, and podcasts.

Sound Recordist Regan Sayles

Sound Mixer Hamish Dickinson

Hamish has been performing drums professionally for the last 8 years and has worked with numerous acts and styles throughout the UK and globally. He has worked with the likes of Dream Cymbals and Gongs to create promotional content for their cymbals as well as Audient Engineering, one of the world’s most renowned audio hardware companies, to produce tutorial content for their educational hub.
Hamish also runs Phoenix Sound which provides a personal, individually tailored recording experience for musicians and businesses in a beautiful purpose-built studio in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. He has worked one-on-one with bands and artists across different genres, producing their albums and E.P.s, from first recording, through mixing and mastering, to the final product.
His years as a drummer and performer give him a vital understanding of the music industry and appreciation for the recording process, allowing him to best accommodate unique needs. 
If you are interested in getting in touch/finding out more about Hamish then you can go directly to his website at
Jamie has been writing music ever since he first picked up a guitar at the age of 8. He has since formed the band, Redwood, in which he writes, produces and performs lead guitar. He has also formed a love for the production of electronic music, creating tracks that fuse a passion for sound design with an unprecedented approach to ambience, the latter of which comes across strongly in his compositions for Conviction Without Remorse. Similarly, Jamie’s knowledge of classical music helped to highlight the depth of the CWR narrative with a mix of tender soundscapes through to jagged synthesis. This well-rounded approach to sound composition compliments and elevates the CWR visuals beyond what they alone could convey.

If you want to see more of Jamie’s music you can go to his Instagram page:

Or his Bandcamp portfolio:

Jamie has new music coming soon so now is the time to follow!

Composer Jamie Richards

MUA Ella Kearney

Hair & Makeup artist, Ella Kearney, has collaborated with Fresh AIR Films and Media on a number of projects prior to Conviction Without Remorse. She first joined us on a short film called ‘The Prison’ (2019), where her talents were immediately clear and her attitude was a boost to the team; always energetic despite the long production days. This incredible outlook became even clearer when our next project reached production but was unfortunately postponed due to severe weather conditions. Ella showed an abundance of support which we were highly grateful for.

Come the production of CWR, we again turned to Ella for advice and collaboration, and it was a joy to have her back on set. It was amazing to see her work with the 1970’s setting and bring the characters to life with authentic hairstyles and effects that really added to the visual appeal of the film. In short, Ella is an asset to any team, a true professional.

Conviction Without Remorse - Art

Poster Artist Gabi Ranner

After studying History of Art at the University of Leeds, Gabi quickly moved into the hospitality industry. Whilst struggling to find a sense of creative outlet, she began lino printing for fun, before developing a love for the art form and eventually selling her work. Gabi is a self-taught lino printer who attends craft fairs around Leeds and sells her work at a local plant and art store, alongside her Instagram. As well as lino printing, Gabi loves film photography and ceramics, both of which she also practices. Since having time spare due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gabi took up digital drawing, which is very different from her usual practice but something she really enjoys. This is how she came to create the poster for Conviction Without Remorse, drawing motifs from the film, and feeling inspired by minimalist 70s style movie posters. 
You can find more of Gabi’s work over on her Instagram at: @gabirannerprints

Executive Producer Angelina Crowley

A special mention for our Executive Producer - ANGELINA CROWLEY - who very graciously helped to fund our festival circuit campaign by pledging to our highest reward level during our Kickstarter Campaign. Thank you, Angelina!

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